Oil mill Sinožić Services

Olive oil is one of the most important and respected gastronomic products of Istria, and so through the care and preservation of traditional varieties of olives, we also preserve the Istrian heritage. Extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively by traditional Istrian olive varieties is the primary goal of the Sinožić family. This is the reason why the oil mill was created. The olive oil produced by the Sinožić family consists of a mixture of 3 kinds of olives: Buža, Istarska bijelica and Leccino. The typical olive oil from oil mill Sinožić is aromatic and spicy,of an intense green color, and fresh and fruity aroma. Suitable for any culinary use, but it  most comes to the fore of its quality with cold starters, salads or as a seasoning. The oil mill Sinožić produces also 100% - pure varietal oil.
Except olive oil, oil mill Sinožić is also open for: organized tours, tastings, presentation and tourist visits. You'll get the opportunity to visit an oil mill and see the production process of olive oil, taste the products of the agricultural trade Sinožić.
The oil mill Sinožić processes their olives and the olives of their clients within 24 hours of harvest /delivery.

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